Saturday, 10 November 2012

Un amour de jeunesse (film)

Judging from the reviews I've read while researching this post, I think Un amour de jeunesse is going to be a Marmite film - reviewers seem to either love it or hate it! 

The 2011 project is the third film by French director Mia Hansen-Love and this work is strongly autobiographical. It was made as Mia herself was pregnant which she believes had a strong influence on her presentation of the story. Unknown actress Lola Creton was chosen to play Camille because of her youth. Although her character ages during the film, Mia apparently preferred to see a young person made up to be older when required, than an older actress trying to appear young again.

Un amour de jeunesse begins in 1999 as fifteen year old Camille (Lola Creton) embarks on a relationship with Sullivan (Sebastian Urzendowsky) who is a couple of years older. Sullivan is due to travel to South America for ten months, without Camille, and she is very insecure about this, believing he will not return to her. At first, she is proved wrong and Sullivan writes regularly. But as time passes, his letters become less frequent and Camille realises that he is probably not coming back. She starts a new relationship with Lorenz (Magne-Havard Brekke), a Danish lecturer at her college. However, after eight years, Sullivan reappears and Camille takes an opportunity provided by Lorenz being abroad and the reunited couple embark upon a brief affair.

Eastbourne Curzon, Wed 14th Nov, 14:15, 17:15, 20:15.
Tickets £6.80 (concessions £4.80).
Available by calling 01323 731441 or in person from the Box Office.

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