Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Cow Pie (art)

The new exhibition at the Berwick gallery Until The Cows Come Home is entitled Cow Pie. It showcases the work of screenprinter John Patrick Reynolds who is almost singlehandedly dragging vintage British comic illustrations up to iconic art status. Reynolds' work features such memorable characters as Desperate Dan, Popeye, Oor Wullie and Dennis The Menace. Reynolds describes Dennis as 'a gift to the screenprinter' because his spiky black hair and red-and-black jumper make for dramatic pictures and this is certainly true of the eyecatching display at UTCCH.

The original publishers of the images, D C Thomson, are fully behind the project and have opened their archives to Reynolds. The resulting limited edition prints have been shown in galleries across Britain and caused quite a stir. They even got articles on the BBC News website and in the Observer. One of the prints in the UTCCH exhibition is signed by the most recent of the three Dennis The Menace artists, David Sutherland. This image is of nine Dennises together, Warhol-style, with, as gallery owner Amanda pointed out, eight looking in one direction and the ninth image reversed.

UTCCH is trialling later opening times for the duration of Cow Pie, remaining open until 7pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays until Christmas. So if your journey home takes you over the Drusillas roundabout, make a quick detour towards Alfriston and check them out! There is car parking on site. For daylight visits, they are a pleasant 30 minute walk from Berwick railway station but only about two-thirds of the route is on pavement/cycle path. The bit in the middle has grass verge which is fine for sure-footed adults but could be awkward with younger children. (If anyone knows which local govt. office should receive a whingy email about cycle path provision, please let me know!)

Until The Cows Come Home, Fri 9th Nov - Mon 24th Dec.
Sun/Mon 14:00-17:00, Wed/Thu 14:00-19:00, Fri/Sat 11:00-17:00.
Free admission.

Look out for the red cow!

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