Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Lady Eve (film)

Following her role in Double Indemnity, Barbara Stanwyck 'returns' to the Underground Theatre this Sunday for the matinee film, The Lady Eve.The ticket price includes tea/coffee and cake after the film - last month the fruit cake was particularly good!

Jean Harrington (Barbara Stanwyck) and her father (Charles Coburn) are card-sharps, fleecing wealthy passengers on a translantic cruise. When she catches the eye of the super-rich brewery heir Charles 'Hopsie' Pike (Henry Fonda), Jean plans on tricking him out of all his money. But Hopsie's valet, Muggsy (William Demarest), discovers her secret which leads Hopsie to reject her. Not one to be thwarted, Jean returns disguised as an English aristocrat named Lady Eve Sidwich and tries to trick Hopsie again.

The 1941 comedy was directed by Preston Sturges and is considered to be one of his best films. He also wrote the screenplay which he based on the short story Two Bad Hats by Monckton Hoffe. The comedy is provided by a blend of slapstick and satire with a particularly witty script, and both Stanwyck and Fonda put in excellent performances.

Underground Theatre, Sun 21st Oct, 14:30.
Tickets £6.50 to include tea/coffee and cake after the film. Available online through oxBoffice, or in person at the Tourist Information Office and the Underground Theatre.

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