Monday, 8 October 2012

Swan Lake (dance)

I've discovered already that ballet posts are the least viewed on the blog but I'm going to persevere here because this post also involves going to the cinema which is far more popular so the combination crossover might just increase interest!

Artists of the Royal Ballet in Swan Lake, Act II
Swan Lake is possibly the most famous ballet and is one I have not yet seen, although this is soon to change. It was apparently not liked when it was first performed in the 1870s but its imagery has now become a part of our popular culture.

The Royal Opera House 2012 Cinema Season will begin with a broadcast of Swan Lake on the 23rd of October. From 7:15pm there will be a short film going behind the scenes on the Swan Lake filming and there will also be other short films during the two intervals. We went on the Backstage Tour of the Royal Opera House last January and it is a fascinating place. If the ROH are as organised as the National Theatre were for the Curious Incident screening, the start will be very prompt.

Starring principal dancers Zenaida Yanowsky and Nehemiah Kish, I believe the choreography is Matthew Bourne's revolutionary production of 1987 which took its inpiration from 1890s Russian performances. The set and look have been designed by Yolanda Sonnabend and will be a blend of the historical Russian Imperial Court and pure Gothic fantasy.

Cineworld, 23rd Oct, 19:15.Tickets £17 for adults, £13.50 concessions and there is also a 10% discount for online booking. Also available in person from the Cineworld Box Office.

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  1. Absolutely loved Swan Lake. Sumptuous sets, especially the ballroom, gorgeously detailed costumes, incredible dancing and beautifully played music.
    Not quite the experience of actually being at the Royal Opera House! but for a much lower cost and without the travel hassles. Plus the bonus of backstage glimpses and actually being able to see the orchestra.
    Only problem was with Cineworld at the first interval: two staff slowly serving long queues while other staff just watched from the other side of the foyer was very frustrating. Perhaps the trolley system of the NTlive performance will be back for next time?