Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Rope (film)

The 1948 Hitchcock film of Rope that I briefly mentioned in my May post about the Devonshire Park Theatre play is going to be shown at the Underground Theatre at the end of November.

Two young men, Brandon Shaw (John Dall) and Phillip Morgan (Farley Granger) strangle one of their classmates, David Kentley (Dick Hogan), in an attempt to prove their superiority by committing the perfect murder. Then hide his body in a trunk which is then used as a table during a dinner party. The guests at the party include Kentley's father, aunt and fiancee, as well as Shaw & Morgan's old schoolmaster, Rupert Cadell (James Stewart), who they believe would be impressed by their escapade. As Kentley's family become more and more concerned for his whereabouts, Cadell begins to suspect the truth.

The film is famed for Hitchcock's technique of filming long scenes in one take on one set. This challenged the cast to produce similar performances as would be required by live theatre. Each shot could last up to ten minutes and so camera movements had to be carefully planned and the set walls were on silent castors, allowing them to be moved out of and back into shot as required. This complicated technique was recently reproduced in homage for the fourth episode of the excellent TV series Psychoville.

Underground Theatre, Sun 25th Nov, 14:30. 
Tickets £6.50 to include tea/coffee and cake after the film. 
Available online through oxBoffice, or in person at the Tourist Information Office and the Underground Theatre.

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