Saturday, 6 October 2012

Even The Rain (film)

Apologies for another rain titled post this week. I'm really not trying to encourage this weather!

Seaford Community Cinema's second film choice for October is Even The Rain, a 2010 Spanish film directed by Iciar Bollain. It stars Luis Tosar and also Gael Garcia Bernal who was wonderful in the Che Guevara film, The Motorcycle Diaries. The screenplay was written by Paul Laverty and is based on the real events of the Bolivian Water War of April 2000.

Bernal plays Sebastian, a director who is trying to make a film about the destruction wrought by Christopher Columbus on Bolivian indians. At the same time, his leading actor, Daniel (Juan Carlos Aduviri) is fighting to prevent a British/American multinational corporation from privatising the local water supply. 500 years after Columbus attempted to force Western ideas onto the city of Cochabamba, its people find themselves in the midst of a very similar David and Goliath battle.

Barn Theatre, Fri 12th Oct, 19:30.
Adult ticket £6, member £5. Available online, in advance from Seaford Tourist Office or on the door at the screening.

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