Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Walkabout (film)

You might already know that the Underground Theatre screens a series of Sunday afternoon classic films from September to June. In a new development, the venue is now also going to offer vintage Art House films and will screen one a month on Thursday evenings. The first, on the 27th of September, is the 1970 Palme d'Or nominated Walkabout.
The screenplay, by Edward Bond,was loosely based on the 1959 novel by James Vance Marshall. The director, Nicolas Roeg, produced a visually stunning film which is interspersed with shots of Australian plant and animal life as well as the vastness of the Outback. Apparently some of these scenes would be highly unlikely in reality as the wildlife would not voluntarily wander so close to people, but the overall effect is to give an impression of a land teeming with life.

A teenage girl (Jenny Agutter) and her younger brother (Luc Roeg, son of Nicolas) are left alone in the Australian Outback after their father (John Meillon) goes mad, trying to shoot them and then killing himself. They are starting to become desperate for water when they are discovered by an Aboriginal boy (David Gulpilil). The three travel together for a few days, eating food caught by the Aborigine, as the two boys slowly learn to communicate.

Underground Theatre, Thu 27th Sep, 19:30.
£5. Pre-film refreshments will be on sale.
Tickets available online, by telephone on 0845 680 1926, or in person at the Tourist Information Office or the Underground Theatre when it is open.

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