Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Fiona Hosford (music)

Photo by NX Photography
Talented harpist Fiona Hosford first came to my attention in the 2012 Under Ground Theatre brochure because she had an evening recital there in December (I've written up my review of the evening in the Comments at the end of this post.) Then, within a few days, I also saw her mentioned as being one of the Tuesday Music Night performers at Chapter 12 in Hailsham. Perhaps I shouldn't have been as surprised that a Harpist would play a wine bar in Hailsham! The evening was very successful and she has since made return visits.

Fiona has also studied violin, piano and singing, but when she was introduced to the harp, aged six, it quickly became apparent that this was where her musical passion lay. She has toured and performed extensively, both within the UK and abroad, and has a wide repertoire of music which makes her playing suitable for a wide variety of venues and occasions. Fiona is also an interesting and entertaining musicians who is happy to share funny stories of her gigs between tunes.

Fiona says, "I enjoy the interaction at each venue, whether it's just playing for a restaurant or in the midst of a full-on wedding ... and my wicked sense of humour tends to go before me I've found! My style of playing is very varied - always performed from the heart (I know, it sounds cheesy), whether it's Debussy, Faure, Chopin or more modern attributes - Sting, Adele, Massive Attack, Elton John."

The Hidden Cellar, Thu 18th Apr 2013, 19:30?

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  1. I finally got to see Fiona Hosford play yesterday in another first for me, attending a harp recital.
    Fiona is refreshingly down-to-earth with a wicked sense of humour and her concert was the perfect wind-down from the busy Little Chelsea Little Christmas event that I had been enjoying for a couple of hours beforehand. The Underground was also considerably warmer so defrosting to the music was definitely soporific! Explaining that she chooses to play her own favourite pieces for 'gigs' instead of necessarily her most popular, we were treated to a great variety: classical works, film compositions, Victorian and contemporary harp music, a couple of pop songs and, in honour of the season, Christmas tunes.
    I particularly liked the beautiful Chanson de Solveig by Grieg and the gorgeous Sigh and Offering, a pair of harp pieces by by Marcel Tournier. Lolita the Dancer (the naughty dancer apparently), also by Tournier, was very evocative for me of the music for the (now ancient) BBC Christmas drama, Box Of Delights, and I think we were all amazed by Fiona's playing of Fire Dance by David Watkins, a contemporary piece that is very different from her other offerings. However, my absolute favourite was her sublime version of the 1980s Tears For Fears song Mad World. Listening to Fiona play is a peaceful, relaxing experience and was the perfect antidote to my working week!

    Fiona Hosford's next local gig is at Chapter 12 in Hailsham this Tuesday (11th December).