Thursday, 6 September 2012

City Of Ashes (music)

Eastbourne band City Of Ashes are returning to the Underground Theatre on Saturday the 16th of March 2013. The gig is the third of four gigs in a new venture for the venue - Musical Showcase - where local acts that the Under Ground believe are destined for big things have been invited to perform.

City Of Ashes formed four years ago and have built up a significant following. They took time out in early 2012 to write and record more material and returned to live performances over the summer including a debut at Guilfest in July where they played the LiveClub stage.

I talked to singer Orion when I blogged about their first unplugged acoustic appearance at the Under Ground in September 2012. I began by asking what had inspired the band to choose the venue?
OP: It's obviously a very different vibe for what could be expected of our normal material. The gig seemed like an opportunity for us to play with something very different from what we usually do. That's the main reason really, we just wanted to play about and have some fun. Although given that our schedule takes us to a gig in Guildford the night before it may be a bleary eyed Saturday morning for us!

tE: How will you reinterpret your music for the acoustic setting?
Photo by Joey Pearson
OP: The songs we play will principally be mellowed out versions of our popular current electric numbers with a few covers thrown in. Our intention at the moment is to find a way to incorporate our bass player and drummer as well but due to how much we have going on as a band this is subject to us having enough rehearsal time to do that.

tE: I understand that City Of Ashes originally started as an acoustic duo. How does the music you will be playing differ?  OP: The music differs enormously from the band's original work. The recent addition of James playing guitar has changed the feel quite a bit but it's a change we're all enjoying.

OP: We're just hoping it will be a relaxed atmosphere that we and the audience can enjoy together. If we get that we'll be pretty pleased!

Underground Theatre, Sat 16th Mar 2013, 19:45.
Tickets £4, available online, by calling 0845 680 1926 or in person at the Under Ground Theatre and the Tourist Information Office.

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