Thursday, 16 August 2012

Medieval Festival

Photo by Chris Buggins
 The Medieval Weekend at Michelham Priory is being run by the Michelham Bowmen for the first time this year. The archery group is based at the Priory and shoots the longbow every Saturday afternoon in the grounds from noon. They have been involved in the Festival in past years, organising archery demonstrations, so have plenty of experience and understand what the event is all about.

This year, archery will again be a big part of the festival with the public being given the chance to try for themselves - study that Olympic YouTube footage! - as well as an archery tournament for those who already know what they are doing. There will also be Living History displays where you can see re-enactment groups are living as though they are in Medieval times. Medieval Traders will set up a variety of stalls around the grounds. From past experience, the mead is well worth a try and some of the clothing is gorgeous. Story Tellers and Wandering Minstrels will provide entertainment and 1066 Falconry will be bringing several of their hawks, owls and eagles. It is amazing to be able to see these birds close at hand. Men At Arms will be demonstrating fighting techniques which is always exciting to watch but best to keep your distance! There will also, of course, be the traditional Beer tent and Barbecue for refreshments. 

Photo by Chris Buggins
The Priory itself will be open and your entrance price will include the cost of both the Festival and the Priory. I'm hoping the watermill will be open too as the flour from there is particularly good. 

Michelham Priory, 15th & 16th Sep, 10:30 - 17:00.
Adult ticket £7.30, senior £6.30, child £3.90.
Archery tournament entrance fee £4.00.

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