Monday, 20 August 2012

Carillon Music Festivals

I had a well-I-never-knew-that moment on Saturday afternoon. The laptop wire stretches just about through the kitchen window so I was out in the garden enjoying the sunshine while perusing the net in search of something musically unusual to blog about. And I found it! And it's in Eastbourne!
Carillon Studios, founded by accordionist John Romero with his wife, Jackie, have been hosting specialised Music Festivals for over ten years and are returning to the Cumberland Hotel this year for a series of four events through the autumn and winter. 

Each Festival takes place over a four-day weekend and will be on one of two themes, either Organ/Keyboard or Accordian. Attendees are able to meet and watch a number of leading musicians both in a concert setting and in informal jam sessions. There will also be trade stalls and seminars and, in the case of the accordian festivals, one-to-one tuition periods although I believe these will need to be pre-booked. Plus, of course, being in an environment with so many other enthusiasts will mean lots of opportunities for swapping tips and tricks, impromptu music-making, and just possibly discovering that new artiste that you might never otherwise have found!

Provisional programmes for both of the next two Festivals are available on the Carillon website together with full booking information. You can also see the professional musicians who have been booked to appear and the traders who will try to tempt you.

Autumn Organ/Keyboard Weekend, 14th - 17th Sep 2012.
Autumn Accordian Weekend, 12th - 15th Oct 2012.
Winter Accordian Weekend, 15th - 18th Feb 2013.
Winter Organ/Keyboard Weekend, 22nd - 25th Feb 2013.

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