Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The London Satyr by Robert Edric (book)

As an avid reader, I particularly look forward to my holidays for their great expanse of uninterrupted book time that I will get. This June, in two weeks, I managed to get through seven novels and most of a travel book!

One of the seven was The London Satyr which is set in London in the oppressive summer of 1891. Our 'hero', Charles Webster is a photographer by trade, employed by the prestigious Lyceum Theatre to record all their costumes and sets. However, Webster has got himself a sideline in 'lending' these precious costumes out to a master pornographer, the feared Marlow. As Webster's wife attempts to reinvent herself as a spirtualist and medium, drawing as much attention to herself as she can, Webster is desperately trying to prevent both his employer and also the puritans of the London Vigilance Committee from discovering his lucrative secret.

I won't pretend that The London Satyr is a profound life-changing work, but as a compelling and entertaining holiday read, it certainly hits the mark. The atmosphere of Victorian London is vividly portrayed and the main protagonists are all rounded characters. I think the book is pretty accurate historically as well - certainly Bram Stoker was the manager of the Lyceum, home theatre to the great actor Henry Irving. 

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