Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sonya Tatham (artist)

If you haven't yet been tempted to drop into Leaf Hall for their Arts Festival, perhaps the promise of seeing the artwork exhibited by Sonya Tatham will do the trick!

Eastbourne artist Sonya is primarily inspired by the natural beauty of the South Downs, the changing of the seasons, and particularly the different lighting that is produced by the special microclimate of the area. A lot of her work is watercolour and I love the way that she can convey a powerful sense of atmosphere purely through her choice of colours. She specialises in wide landscapes and also, in complete contrast, detailed close-up paintings of seed heads of flowers. The scene above was discovered while Sonya was out running in January. The tree was apparently totally bereft of leaves but ablaze with red berries. The honesty seed pods below are one of her most popular greeting card designs.

Sonya is enthusiastic to exhibit her work which has been seen at various local and not-so-local venues including the Towner Gallery. At the moment, as well as Leaf Hall, she also has work for sale upstairs at The Secret Garden, a beautiful artificial florist shop in Terminus Road, and at the Francis Perry Gallery in Susan's Road. She has also been accepted for the Hop Gallery Open in October. I particularly liked a painting of the Eastbourne Bandstand which is currently at the Secret Garden, but you'll have to visit there for yourself to see it!

Leaf Hall Arts Festival, Sat 21st Jul - Sun 4th Aug,

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