Monday, 16 July 2012

Moscow State Circus

The Circus is coming to town from the 2nd to the 7th of August when the Moscow State Circus sets up camp on Five Acres Field.

Inspired by the legend of 'The 12 Chairs', their new show, Babushkin Sekret' is the largest and most spectacular to date. A large cast of Russian performers, some of whom have never performed in Britain before, will be housed in a specially designed chapiteau Big Top. 

The clowns, Valik and Valerik, link the show with their buffoons quest to discover the whereabouts of the '12 chairs' and the treasure hidden within them. Other performers include the beautiful Yana Alievia on a revolving Ariel Chandelier, the juggling Sherbakovs on the reverse pyramid of St Petersburg, the Doktrov gracefully flying & spiraling in the apex of the auditorium, the unbelievable vertical pole balancing of the Alikanov, and the high flying bouncing bamboo bravados of the Perushkins. Plus the breathtaking Stalkions who are three men and two women who walk, back flip and perform unbelievable pyramids thirty feet in the air on the legendary High Wire, and the Whirlwind Rubsovsm troupe who will acrobatically catapult themselves right across and high into the air at breakneck speed.

Five Acres Field, Thu 2nd to Tue 2nd Aug, two shows daily (one show Thu) check website for details and prices or call 07721 565558.

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