Thursday, 21 June 2012

Macbeth (theatre)

Eastbourne Operatic And Dramatic Society are continuing their popular tradition of open-air Shakespeare this summer with a production of the bloody play, Macbeth.

The Tragedy of Macbeth is first believed to have been performed in 1611 and tells the story of a man who commits regicide to make himself King and then continues to murder in order to retain his power. Macbeth was a real Scottish King but Shakespeare's tale bears very little relation to the truth as the genuine man was said to have been an admired and capable monarch. The play examines the effects of ambition and corruption and also the difference between tyranny and leadership. It is quite a bit shorter than Shakespeare's other tragedies, such as Othello and King Lear, so the action proceeds at an unusually fast pace, particularly during the first act.

Superstition in theatres over the centuries has led to a belief that it is unlucky to say the name of the play out loud. Therefore, quite a lot of actors will refer to Macbeth as 'the Scottish play' or perhaps 'MacB'.

Italian Gardens, 19:45,
Weds 25th July - Sat 4th August (except Sun 29th July)
£13 (concs £10).
Tickets available by calling 01323 412000 or in person at the Eastbourne Theatres Box Office and the Tourist Information Centre. I cannot find any mention of online booking.

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