Sunday, 3 June 2012

Lansdowne Centenary Exhibition (art)

The Lansdowne Centenary Exhibition is actually the 66th annual exhibition of the Eastbourne Society of Artists but this coincides nicely with the 100th anniversary of the Lansdowne Hotel, the favoured venue of the Society.  

Siena by David Prynn
The exhibition is being staged on each of the four days of the long bank holiday weekend and contains over 200 pictures by over 60 different artists. I visited on the opening Saturday. 
As you go in the main doors of the Lansdowne, go forward to nearly level with the Reception desk and then turn right. Carry straight along to the end of the corridor and the exhibition is right in front of you.

There are two rooms full of art, each with freestanding screens along the centre displaying framed and numbered paintings, and other unframed works on tables around the outside. I was offered a brochure in return for a small donation to Queen Alexandra Cottage Homes, the Society's nominated charity for 2012. The brochure lists the title of each numbered picture, with the artist's name, the medium used and the price. They are mostly paintings in oils, acrylic, pastels or watercolour and cover a wide range of subjects. There also a few mixed media offerings such as Star Of The East by Elizabeth Jenks, an Eastern styled city skyline dominated by a gold and white collaged sun.

Some paintings that particularly stood out for me included Woodland Stream by Hillary Mapp, a restful scene, painted in acrylics, which was just the type of place that I would choose to go walking. Lake Kariba by Mary Plant, also in acrylics, is a gorgeous orange sunset with silhouetted branches in the foreground. Stroll On The Prom and Skaters, both by Ron Weston, are watercolour depictions of Eastbourne seafront, almost cartoon-like in style and vibrant with life. Both have already sold and I'm hoping they are staying as a pair. Of the unframed works, I think Benny The Beagle by Robin Muggeridge, a pastel, was my favourite. This is a lovely portrait that cleverly captures the dog's emotion.
Eastbourne Promenade at Dusk by Paul Liddiard

I dragged Dave back to see one painting that I just knew I had to have, Eastbourne Promenade At Dusk by Paul Liddiard. This is a miniature acrylic painting looking through pampas grass towards the Bandstand. Fortunately he liked it too and that red dot means it is going to be mine! While I was paying my deposit, Dave also found his 'stand-out' painting so we will have one each - which is nice! Siena by David Prynn is a watercolour of a piazza in the city with the people outlined in pen which gives an stylized effect.

Lansdowne Hotel, Sat 2nd - Tues 5th June, 10:00-18:00.

Free admission, donation for catalogue.

Paintings can be purchased with a deposit and collected with full payment, on the Tuesday afternoon.

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