Sunday, 17 June 2012

Kali & Katie (music)

Photo by @CBugginsphoto
Kalisaya Flynn and Katie Hall are a Brighton-based duo who describe their music as "acoustic folk with a dash of whimsy". Kali plays guitar, Katie plays penny whistle and they have been singing together producing lovely harmonies since they met in 2011. They honed their music at various open mic nights before setting out to perform in the own right as a folk duo.

Their first performance in Eastbourne was at the Under Ground Theatre in July 2012 when they took the second half of the Coffee Morning slot after Gary Davies. I guess they will be onstage around 11am. This was such a success that they have been invited back for a whole morning in 2013, almost exactly a year later on Saturday the 6th of July.

Kali is a prolific songwriter whose compositions are songs that tell stories. 'Paddy McCracken' is the comic tale of a fair maid and her accident-prone suitor, 'Moontide Grooving' is a song about the daughter of a Seaford smuggler, and 'Which Side Of The River' is about reaching a metaphorical crossroads.

The link below will play 'Be Away' which I believe is on Kali and Katie's album of songs, entitled 'Land Ahoy'. The album has been recorded locally, at the ALT Studios in Hove.

Under Ground Theatre, Sat 6th July, 10:00 - 12:00.
Free admission.

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