Sunday, 10 June 2012

Dangerous Obsession (theatre)

The third and final play of the Devonshire Park's Thriller Season is the nail-biting Dangerous Obsession.

Written by N J Crisp, the play premiered in Bromley in 1987. It was also made into a film titled Darkness Falls which starred Ray Winstone and Sherilyn Fenn. However, Crisp was so upset by the end result that he insisted on having his name removed from the credits.

The intricate plot begins with Sally Driscoll (Anna Brecon - Emmerdale). She is alone in her elegant conservatory, blissfully unaware of a man intently watching her through the glass. When the man, John Barrett, does come to the door of the house, he claims to have met Sally before and certainly does know a lot about her, but she cannot remember him at all. Then her husband Mark returns home and it seems, to Sally's relief, as though he is the one that the dull stranger has really been hoping to meet up with. But while the Driscolls hint that the man should be leaving them, he shows no signs of wanting to depart.

Also stars George Telfer and Ben Roddy.

Devonshire Park Theatre, Tues 19th - Sat 23rd June, 19:45.
Weds & Sat matinees, 14:30.
Various prices. 
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