Sunday, 24 June 2012

Bof! (music)

At Leiston European Music Festival (2011) 
The Lamb Folk Club wil be welcoming Bof! in July. Bof! are a four piece band who are based in Colchester and Bury St Edmunds. They met twelve years ago at a festival in France where they discovered a shared love of the traditional dance music of central France and the Brittany region. All four members have also had a long involvement in traditional English folk music and song and play a variety instruments.

Paddy plays the hurdy-gurdy (vielle-a-roue), diatonic accordeons, percussion and cas-cas. Simon also plays diatonic accordeons and hurdy gurdy but adds the bandoneon and provides vocals. Phil's specialities are guitar, mandola and bass guitar, together with vocals. And Val is the wind player bringing bagpipes, flute, recorder and saxophone to the mix.

Their repertoire is almost entirely music for dancing and they are in demand to play for festivals, dances, concerts and twinning. Between these live appearances, they have also found the time to record three albums: 'Reve a Verteillac', 'La Vache qui danse' and 'Le Gai Matelot'

Upstairs at The Lamb, Wed 18th Jul, 19:30.

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