Saturday, 26 May 2012

This Must Be The Place (film)

Written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino, This Must Be The Place is primarily an Italian produced film which was filmed in Ireland, Italy and America. It stars Sean Penn as Cheyenne, a bored, wealthy rockstar living in Dublin, and is Sorrentino's first film in English. Cheyenne's appearance and clothing was inspired by one of my teenage idols, Robert Smith of The Cure, and the role was written with Sean Penn in mind after the actor had seen a previous Sorrentino film and asked to work with him. Another of my (still) favourite musicians, David Byrne, has written the original music and also appears in the film as himself, but apparently Cheyenne's singing is not really Sean Penn's voice.

This Must Be The Place is essentially a road movie. Cheyenne travels to New York for a reconciliation with his estranged father but arrives too late and finds that his father has already died. After learning of his father's humiliation during the Second World War in Auschwitz at the hands of an SS Officer, Aloise Lange (Heinz Lieven), Cheyenne begins a journey across America to track down Lange, who has managed to keep his Nazi past a secret and is now living an ordinary life.

Also stars Frances McDormand.

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