Friday, 11 May 2012

The Last Lunch (theatre)

My second post about the Lamb Theatre this week as they are offering some interesting and unusual theatre over the coming weeks. Something Underground, a theatre company from Brighton, are bringing The Last Lunch, their profound and amusing play of social observation, at the beginning of June. The play has been written and directed by Jonathan Brown and will be performed by a 10-person cast - hopefully they will all fit on the stage!

It's Sunday lunch, and where the roast should be, there's a tofu wiener casserole instead. Albert, a butcher, is mortified. Why has his wife Jean put it on the table?  
Because their son, Mark, and his girlfriend, Julie, are coming to lunch and they are both vegans. Mark's twin sister Maddy is on her way too with her 16 year old daughter, Hannah. So is beef-farmer Pete, abattoir worker Dave, and the spirits of some of the animals that Dave, Pete and Albert have been instrumental in dispatching. Everyone is converging on Albert's house and all is set for a monumental clash of beliefs, values, knives, and hearts.

In The Last Lunch, butchers and vegans find strange common ground and common ancient knowledge. Deeply hidden secrets must emerge, and disturbing pacts will be made.

Upstairs @ The Lamb, Fri 1st June, 19:30.
£10 / £8.

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