Thursday, 24 May 2012

Holly Lindfield (interview)

For May's interview, please allow me to introduce Holly Lindfield, a young Eastbourne actress who has worked with both Green Room Productions (Little Gem) and Bootcamp Theatre (Frost/Nixon). She will soon be appearing as Una in David Harrower's play Blackbird at the Underground Theatre.

tE: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
HL: My name is Holly Ann Lindfield. I'm aged 27 ( the exact same age as Una ) and I grew up in Eastbourne. I began acting, like most, from a very early age, but I did not really start taking performance seriously until I went to university in 2005 to study Theatre Arts and graduated with honours in 2008. Since then I have been working within Fringe Theatre and building up my performance skills.

tE: What were your first impressions on reading Blackbird?
HL: After reading it the first time I was not convinced that this should be a play performed in Eastbourne, Brighton maybe, but not Eastbourne. This is because the play touches on a very sensitive subject and what with musicals being the first port of call in Eastbourne, I wasn't sure that something as hard hitting as Blackbird would be received well. But then we started the rehearsal process and I thought, this is a story that needs to be told and listened to. The play is honest about something that unfortunately happens on a daily basis and it's not something that should be ignored or underperformed.

tE: Una is a woman in an extreme situation. How did you begin to identify with her?
HL: I can't identify with her 100% because I have never found myself in any of the situations that Una has had to face. I can empathise with her situation and I have spent many an hour thinking about how I would have reacted and coped if any of this had happened to me. I suppose you draw on personal memories to help you feel the loss, humiliation, anger and sadness that she does throughout the play and just hope that this is enough to do her justice.

tE: How have you approached the physicality of Blackbird? Has it been possible to rehearse without getting hurt?!
HL: I've had to go in to each rehearsal and tell Steve ( who plays Ray ) not to worry about hurting me because I won't about him. You have to give these types of scenes 110% to make them look authentic. And no, every time we rehearse these scenes I come away with a new bruise somewhere, but if it looks good, then I dont mind getting a bit battered.

tE: I've heard that you have a 10-page monologue to learn. Do you find the solo limelight liberating or are ensemble scenes more rewarding?
HL: I love learning monologues. I find it easier and you only have you to rely on, so if you mess up you only have yourself to blame. This play has been difficult to learn because there are a lot of subject changes in quick succession and Una and Ray are constantly talking over each other and you have to make sure that you get this right as you dont want your audience to miss anything. So I guess in this play the monologue is more rewarding as I get to slow down and tell Una's story.

tE: Any accent needed this time?
HL: No thankfully. Thats definitely what took the time with Little Gem, making sure that all of us were coming from the same part of Ireland, ha ha.

tE: Is your next project already lined up? What are your future theatrical plans?
HL: There are whispers of the director writing her own play, but we will have to see what happens with that.
I have just recently moved to Worthing to live with my partner who is also studying theatre. I hope to get involved with the Brighton Fringe Festival next year or may be even the Edinburgh Fringe should luck roll my way. We shall have to wait and see. 

Blackbird will be at the Underground Theatre on the 8th & 9th of June, 19:30. 
Tickets are £11 (£9 concs) and are available from

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