Sunday, 22 April 2012

Martha Marcy May Marlene (film)

Hailsham Film Club have announced their next film choice  which will be Martha Marcy May Marlene.

This understated American thriller is a spellbinding portrait of a young woman (Elizabeth Olsen) who has escaped from an abusive cult led by Patrick (John Hawkes - Winter's Bone). Martha is taken in by her sister (Sarah Paulson) but finds herself unable to put her previous life behind her. 

Directed by Sean Durkin. Certificate 15.

Screening at Hailsham Pavilion on Tuesday the 8th May, 7:45pm.

I have added my review in the Comments below.


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  1. Very much liked this thriller. It's a slow burn and quite French in style.
    The first half hour or so is gentle and flips between showing Martha living with her sister now and Martha-as-Marcy-May living with the cult. But as the film progresses, Martha's memories of cult life become more shocking and start to overlap with the present as she starts to lose track of what is real, what is memory and what is dream.
    Elizabeth Olson as Martha deserves all the hype & praise she has received. She puts in a mesmerising performance and John Hawkes is totally convincing as the manipulative cult leader. However, for me, the real star of the show was Sean Durkin's direction - long, brooding shots and atmospheric composition which was just perfect for the story.