Friday, 27 April 2012

ditzyladym interview

I am delighted to introduce to you ditzyladym, the first interviewee of the Theatrical Eastbourne blog!

The bridge, Southease
A founding member of the #ebphoto group, ditzyladym is an Iphoneographer, skateboarder, Carnival Mas player and a mum. She has lived in East Sussex since moving from London in 1999 and came to Eastbourne in 2004. Since we 'met' on Twitter, I have frequently been amazed by the artistry of her photographs. I think she has a great eye for composition and contrast and a style that is very much her own.

In her spare time, ditzyladym is currently to be found out in all weathers training with @ollyeast for a 100k (60 mile) London to Brighton walk raising money for Macmillan Cancer. Fortunately for the rest of us, her iPhone has accompanied her everywhere, allowing us to enjoy all the outstanding views without putting in the miles!

Friston Forest
tE: Have you always created your art through photography or have you also used other media?
d: Always photography. Am used to film and darkrooms but that stopped when Uni finished and I moved to East Sussex. I fell out of love with it when everything went digital. The iPhone has become the only kit that I carry and love the spontaneity of it.

 tE: How is using an iPhone different to using a traditional camera?
d: you are restricted by the limitations of a smart phone camera however you have a suite of apps to give you a lot of control at editing stage.  You can not beat the quality of a professional camera and the control that comes with it.  Best thing is you do not need to 'plan' and carry lots of equipment around, you can just capture on the move!

The Pier, 2012
tE: Has living in Eastbourne influenced your work?
d: I've gone from very urban photography in London to photographing nature and landscapes - something I initially found hard. In Eastbourne we have great beauty all around, the light and the opportunity to see for miles.  Feel very blessed to live here!

tE: Do you think you would be the same artist if you didn't live here?
d: Doubt it! can't imagine not photographing the sea and the pier :)

tE: There is a strong photographic community locally. How are you inspired by each others art?
d: We started #ebphoto in Dec 2011 from gathering of about 15 local photographers that networked on Twitter.  This has grown in a few months to 40+ members.  The great thing about the club is it is a supportive atmosphere with the group spanning working professionals to 'mums with iPhones' - like me!  We get a lot of out of sharing our work and giving each other support and feedback.

The long road, Southease nr. Lewes
tE: You've been tweeting some stunning rural photographs recently, taken during training. Are you ready for the 100k London to Brighton walk?
d: The walk is a very personal thing in taking on a monster challenge in my 40th year that will really push me whilst doing something for Macmillan Cancer. Getting increasingly nervous but just got to stay focused. Have suffered with my feet throughout training and I am sure they are going to continue to be my biggest challenge.  I am very excited nonetheless and keep imagining approaching Brighton Race Course in the wee hours of 13th May looking forward to throwing myself on the grass and quite possibly passing out - lol! Have had great team mates like Olly Prentice and the training has in itself been life changing.

ditzyladym's website at shows examples of her work with details of how you can purchase canvas prints, and also gives details of her current exhibition of work at Central Eating in Terminus Road, Eastbourne. At the moment, £5 from the sale of each print will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.  If you would like to sponsor dityzladym for the London to Brighton walk on the 12th of May, her Just Giving page is

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