Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Clouded Yellow (film)

I'm actually hoping for rain on Sunday afternoon (22nd April) so I have a good excuse reason to go and see The Clouded Yellow at the Underground Theatre rather than going for the healthier option of a long walk on the Downs. This 1950 chase thriller is in black and white and stars Trevor Howard and Jean Simmons.

From the Underground description: "The Clouded Yellow is not merely a melodramatically efficient action piece, but it also resonates with that post-war malaise (especially in Trevor Howard's ex-SIS agent) which gives shading to so many British films of the time."

The screening begins at 2.30pm and the £6.50 ticket price includes tea and cake.

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  1. Just got back and pleased with myself for making the effort! I counted just over 30 of us in the audience - hordes compared to the usual Hailsham Film Club count - and I wasn't (quite) the youngest there. There are good sight lines from pretty much anywhere in the room and plenty of legroom - always a bonus. The tearoom doesn't open before the screening and I'll know for next time to take my own sweets, but the complimentary spread of cakes & tea put on at the end of the film was nicely done and very welcome!

    The Clouded Yellow is a fairly thrilling thriller but the small cast meant we only had limited choices of who the baddie would turn out to be. Jean Simmons' character was a tad annoying early on as I'm used to gutsier heroines, but Sophie does start to take more responsibility for herself as the film progresses. Shades of the 1935 Thirty-Nine Steps were apparent as the fugitives fled across the Lake District and there were an amazing number of policemen on duty in a very rural area! Trevor Howard was perfect as the world-weary Somers and Kenneth More was obviously having great fun with his supporting character of Shepley. However, the ending was somewhat abrupt and I would have liked 'why' to have been explained more fully.