Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Blackbird (theatre)

I'm really looking forward to this play. The two actors, Holly Lindfield and Steve Scott, are both excellent, and I've been hearing great things about how the rehearsals are progressing! I've also been lucky enough to interview Holly about Blackbird and her acting generally. You will be able to read her words in May 24th's blog post!

Blackbird is an intense two-actor play examining the themes of desire and guilt through the memories of two people who have not seen each other for fifteen years. When they were in a relationship, he was forty and she was twelve. Now Ray has made a new life for himself but Una is still obsessed with their past.

Green Room Productions present Blackbird by David Harrower on the 8th & 9th of June 2012 at the Underground Theatre.

Tickets available through Ticketsource and you can follow @TheGreenRoomP on Twitter.

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  1. I was surprised on entering the theatre to find the Blackbird set is rubbish, literally! The single scene play takes place in the break room at Ray's work, a depressing, littered space.

    Blackbird is an intense play, powerful and confrontational, with emotional pauses, the actors interrupting each other, a claustrophobic set and moments of extreme physicality. It is performed as a single act giving no let up of tension. Breaking for an interval would ruin the atmosphere and the fairly short run time made it unnecessary. Both Una (Holly Lindfield) and Ray (Steve Scott) put in astounding performances, completely believable as these damaged people. They held their audience spellbound from a few moments in and you could have heard the proverbial pin drop. I am sure I was holding my breath for most of the time and even my boyfriend, who tends to fidget, was captivated. Even Girl (Liliah Gerrard) was perfect, despite have very few lines in which to establish her character.

    I would like to say we both thoroughly enjoyed the play, but 'enjoy' doesn't seem the right word considering the subject matter. I came out steamrollered and other audience members looked to be feeling the same way.

    Blackbird is demanding of its audience but is also ultimately very rewarding to watch and I am so glad that Green Room Productions was brave enough to put on such challenging theatre in Eastbourne.